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“Source-to-Pay” — also called S2P — covers a lot of ground, and a myriad of sourcing, procurement, and financial processes. You may not know them all, or need them all; you simply have challenges to solve. That’s where Corcentric comes in. For over two decades, we’ve focused on empowering companies to achieve immediate, quantifiable, and sustainable business results by transforming their source-to-pay process to a new level of efficiency and effectiveness. Regardless of which technology, services, and/or advisory strategy we offer, Corcentric delivers the outcome you need. Our S2P services and supplier sourcing solutions benefit finance, accounting and procurement professionals across numerous industries, optimizing efficiencies to streamline processes, from procuring raw materials to MRO sourcing.

Empowering competitive advantage at
every stage of the Source-to-Pay (S2P) process


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Corcentric Platform

Corcentric’s modular SaaS Source-to-Pay solutions are built on a combination of best practices and best-in-class functionality, providing the foundation for operational excellence. By integrating data and workflows across purchasing, suppliers, contracts and finance, we help your organization streamline processes to optimize how it purchases, pays, and gets paid.


Cor360 AP Automation

Whether you are a small business or a large public enterprise, automating your end-to-end accounts payable process eliminates costly, time-consuming manual tasks. Corcentric’s Cor360 AP Automation solution gives you the power to manage 100% of your invoices electronically, reducing invoice processing cost by up to 80% and unlocking the strategic value of AP from day one.

Strategic Advisory Services

Our leading Procurement, Supply Chain, and Spend Management consultants provide decades of industry and category expertise, hands-on consulting, and proprietary tools to empower customers to spend smarter, save more, and generate the maximum value from all sourcing and purchasing activities. From the mid-market to the Fortune 500, we’ll help you realize the full strategic potential of Source-to-Pay procurement.

Managed Services

Managed Services works to simplify, streamline, and optimize your organization’s end-to-end sourcing, procurement and marketplace purchasing processes, tailored to your specific needs, goals and guidelines. By focusing on strategizing the right combination of services for your business — size, industry, location — and working with your team, our goal is to help drive quick, measurable, and sustainable results through our S2P services.

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