B2B Online Payments

Get invoices paid online in a few clicks with simple, secure, and integrated online payments

The easiest way to take invoice payments online

Nothing should get in the way of your customers paying their invoices. With Corcentric EIPP, customers receive a link to pay their invoices easily online, via a secure interface. E-payments let you take card payments seamlessly and securely without requiring complex banking integration work.

Accept Online Card Payments

Enable your customers to make invoice payments in a few clicks. Customers can group multiple invoices for payment, pay individually, or even make partial payments of each invoice.

Maximize Security

Highly encrypted (256-bit) secure online payments, linked from each customer’s portal, ensures that your customers will have the assurance that their payments and details will never be compromised. Eliminate the risk of invoice-redirection fraud, phishing, and other hacks.

You Set the Rules

Take complete control over payment parameters at account level, or customize for each customer. Set floor and ceiling limits on payment amounts. Allow partial invoice payments. Accept payments for invoices or dunnings in one go, or allow both via one payment.

Any Payment Provider

If you have a payment provider you already work with, or would like to work with, we can seamlessly integrate with them. Alternatively, we can recommend a provider to meet your needs. You get the same depth of control and security, whomever your payment provider is.

Speed Up Payments

Display a “Pay Now” button in your customers’ invoices to encourage faster payments. Minimize the number of clicks from invoice to payment. Enable customers to see payments due and easily group these to pay via the portal.

Set up online payments the easy way

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