We team up with key tech partners to simplify, enhance, and streamline processes for you and your company.

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Microsoft Office

Simplify document management across Corcentric’s Source-to-Pay Platform with seamless Microsoft integration.

Microsoft® Word Add-in

Simplify contract creation and collaboration with Word Add-in for clause libraries and template management.


Collect, authenticate, validate documents and data from suppliers to guarantee compliance.


Sourcing your way: Your tool to become a creative and proactive force capable of processing real intelligence and delivering on your organization-wide objectives.

e attestations


Ensure suppliers in the French market have the necessary certifications.



Provides a complete end-to-end solution that removes the stress of regulatory tax compliance.

Why We Partner

Each technical integration partnership is carefully considered with the customer in mind, for both buyers and suppliers across our extensive suite of solutions. The goal of teaming up with partners is to simplify, enhance, and streamline processes for you and your company by ensuring solutions are readily available. Our technology partners are positioned to provide powerful solutions and capabilities to progress your business, and service customers through our software.

Corcentric’s mission to enhance cash flow utilizing smarter technology is met by creating mutually beneficial partnerships with industry leaders and organizations. Partnerships are important and help our clients do more with the enhanced capabilities our partners offer.

Value to Customers

The benefits of integrating partnerships are unique and offer a multitude of functions for Corcentric customers. As you navigate through the Corcentric services, you will find our Technology Partners assist to:

  • Manage and Mitigate Supply Chain Risk
  • Monitor Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) Risks
  • Collaborate More Effectively
  • Integrate with the Software You Already Own
  • Analyze and Inform Decisions
  • Enable User-Friendly Document Editing/Sharing

We will continue to add more partners to further our mission of being relentlessly focused on our customers and providing value to potential customers seeking the best solutions for their company.

How We Partner

Corcentric continues to expand our partnerships to provide superior support and optimized success for our customers and companies looking to have the best-in-class solutions. Simply put, partnerships are designed to make our customers’ tasks seamless by facilitating necessary connections and relationships.

A partnership with Corcentric offers numerous benefits for your organization:

  • Increased value to your customers
  • Expanded conversions
  • Unlocked access to our clients

Collaborative integration ensures your customers gain faster receivables and opens a vast array of market opportunities based on our combined expertise which enables customer satisfaction and efficient practices. Together, we can level up.

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