Simplify contract creation and collaboration with Word Add-in for contract clause libraries and template management as a part of Corcentric’s Source-to-Pay Platform integration with Microsoft Office

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Corcentric Platform add-in for Word improves the editing workflow of contract documents for both desktop and online versions of Word. Now, you can collaborate directly on files without having to download and re-upload to the Corcentric Platform, with the peace of mind that every document will be synchronized, and any changes will be integrated back into the final negotiated contract.

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Key features for Corcentric CLM customers

  • Access to the add-in’s Clause Library to streamline contract editing and redlines
  • Quickly manage your templates
  • View alternate clauses based on fallback positions defined by your purchasing and legal business rules
  • Existing Word templates can automatically be scanned and converted to the new template mode

Integration with Microsoft Word desktop and online versions makes contract collaboration and Corcentric’s user-friendly Source-to-Pay Platform even better

Technical FAQs

Participating in the Microsoft Office Cloud Storage Partner program indicates that Corcentric is an established and experienced provider. Corcentric Platform users can benefit from the integration with Office for the web through optimized document management.

Corcentric Contract Lifecycle Management users can manage documents through Microsoft Word. There are plans to introduce Microsoft Office for the web to the rest of the Corcentric Platform modules soon.

Microsoft Office integration enables multiple users to edit documents directly in Microsoft Word without downloading the file. This can boost efficiency by eliminating the need to send documents back and forth for review.

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