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Success is simplified with a roadmap designed to move your business forward. Become a fleet supplier partner with us and utilize valuable knowledge, tools, and opportunities to grow.

Since 1996, Corcentric has provided customers a competitive advantage with the expertise of our team and advanced capabilities — and consistently earning industry recognition for it.

industry recognition

Dedicated marketing outreach

Using a proprietary web-based tool, we’ve created a powerful retail environment that showcases your products and services, including vehicle maintenance, material handling, fleet management, and more. Generate excitement around your brand and promote your sales incentives among an audience we’ve already captured for you. As a fleet vendor, you can join us at our meetings and events, where we’ll introduce you to the key decision-makers that will drive your business forward.

Experienced sales team ready to partner with yours

Our dedicated sales team has established relationships with your customers and is ready to partner with you on a collaborative strategy to grow your business. We’ll continually work together to review opportunities to maximize achievement.

Simplified invoice processing automation

With Corcentric, your customers benefit from consolidated monthly billing that streamlines their national account programs and reduces their administration burden. For our fleet partners, we provide fluidity and transparent functionality with all aspects of billing and transaction management.

Quicker credit approval

We recognize that many organizations struggle to extend credit terms to customers that may not qualify. Our credit approval process takes 24 hours or less and does not require financial documents. We onboard those customers and ensure they utilize your program. Because we manage the receivables, there is no financial risk to you.

We take on the risk with credit mitigation

We’ve eliminated your receivables risk by taking on the burden for you. If a customer disputes an invoice, our dedicated team will research the issue and work to resolve it promptly. Payment is submitted to suppliers on time while we manage the dispute process.


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