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A truck’s performance, fuel efficiency, and maintenance demands vary by dozens of factors. Age, location, time of year, and utilization all affect lifetime costs, sometimes dramatically. If you tracked all of these factors for tens of thousands of trucks over many years, you’d have the insight needed to guide your fleet optimization.

That’s what we do. Corcentric Fleet Financing solutions use thousands of data points to generate the perfect optimization program for your fleet. So when we finance your fleet, we’re also helping you drive down costs.

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There’s a perfect point in time when your fleet’s delivering maximum efficiency and economy. We call this the “Economic Sweet Spot.” The key is to keep every truck in the sweet spot and replace every truck as it passes the tipping point into inefficiency. Do it too late and you’re burning cash. Do it too soon and you’re spending too much on new vehicles.

The Sweet Spot Analysis Program from Corcentric uses more than 1,200 data points to track every single truck throughout its lifecycle. With our fleet analytics, you’ll keep your entire fleet in the sweet spot, maximize economies, and save a fortune.

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Whether you choose to lease or purchase your fleet equipment, flexibility is a key factor you should consider when it comes to commercial truck fleet funding. Corcentric’s flexible financing programs, which allow customers to adjust asset life cycles in an ever-changing market, will help drive down costs by offering a number of fleet financing options, all with competitive rates. That is why you should consider Corcentric when looking for the optimal fleet financing resource. Our commercial fleet finance professionals have decades of experience in finding the optimal fleet financing solutions for our customers. We understand your business, how it operates, and what your fleet needs are.

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With solutions that range from fleet fuel management to analytics to software and more, Corcentric gives you everything you need for fleet management optimization. With our tools working for you, your business can get the most out of your assets and significantly reduce the amount of wasted resources and effort you put into them. Our offerings seamlessly work together to create a holistic approach to every stage of your vehicles’ lifecycles, from procurement to remarketing and everything in between. All the while, you’ll be provided with valuable insights you can use to make the most informed decisions for your business.

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