Improve your organization’s spend management capabilities across the Source-to-Pay cycle with Corcentric’s vast portfolio of software and services.

We know that trying to optimize your spend management and source-to-pay functions is easier said than done. Oftentimes, attaining the desired business outcomes requires multiple providers, who each lose perspective of your big picture, leaving you to figure things out – source if necessary, and manage accordingly.

Corcentric offers an alternative approach focused on delivering business outcomes, not just products. Our vertically integrated suite of source-to-pay software, strategic sourcing and consulting services, as well as outsourced managed services, can all be tailored to your needs and objectives. By taking a true one-size-fits-one perspective, we deliver the spend management results you desire with guaranteed ROI.

Enable efficient growth

Ensure your spend doesn’t increase in-line with your revenue

Increase your spend under management without increasing the size of your team.

Focus on core competencies, not distractions

Reducerisk of S2P investment

Eliminate risk and uncertainty of labor investment

Leverage a scalable staffing model providing the right resources at the right time

Guarantee target business outcomes for indirect spend management

Impactyour bottom line

Control spending and save money

Eliminate unnecessary overhead

Accelerate time to value

Our spend management solutions are recommended based on a data-driven business case and ROI estimation, approved by our customers as part of our process.

Contact us for a complimentary spend analysis and opportunity assessment.

All we need is 12 months of transactional spend data and for you to answer some simple questions, and in two weeks you’ll learn about the benefits our solutions can provide to your organization.

Source-to-Pay Technology

The Corcentric Platform is one of the only true source-thru-pay technology platforms on the market, enabling your strategic sourcing team to manage existing and potential suppliers across categories, execute sourcing events in a streamlined and digital format, and convert awards directly to contracts to manage for the life of the agreement. Buy the right items, from the right suppliers, at the right price through the e-catalogs and purchase requisition module. Our software optimizes every micro-process, including strategic sourcing, supplier management, contract management, procurement, invoice management, financing, and payments.

Strategic Sourcing Services

With a team of subject matter experts across many common categories, Corcentric has been saving customers money for over 30 years. Our unique blend of best-in-class tools, templates, and market intelligence helps you achieve your immediate and sustainable cost reduction and value generation goals. Operating as an extension of your team or an outsourced arm of your procurement organization, Corcentric is committed to optimizing your strategic sourcing efforts and build competitive advantages.

Group Purchasing Organization

Corcentric leverages its aggregated volume, market intelligence, and relationships so that you never have to source, negotiate, and manage suppliers again for categories of indirect spend. Our GPO prides itself on the value it provides to our customers, which means there are no upfront costs, no volume commitments, and no buying restrictions. Corcentric GPO is truly a risk-free, win-win solution for both buyers and suppliers that drives savings for your business.

Managed Services

We understand that when supplier agreements are signed, the real work begins – like implementing new products and services and driving change management and compliance across your organization. That’s why Corcentric has invested in providing tactical resources focused on system administration of our source-to-pay platform, purchase requisition triage, purchase order execution, three-bid-and-buy services, exception management, as well as AP and payment services. The entire lifecycle of each purchase transaction is supported, positively impacting your bottom line.

Consulting and Advisory

Improvement of source-to-pay processes almost always requires some level of change, whether behavioral or organizational or otherwise. We are experts in business process redesign and change management, especially as it relates to maximizing results and leveraging our source-to-pay technology and managed services solutions. Corcentric’s vertically integrated solutions are built, deployed, and managed in house, which means no need for a third-party system implementer. Our consulting and advisory services target source-to-pay process optimization, organizational design, procedural documentation, and more to set you up for success now and in the future.

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