2023 Guide To Reducing Days Sales Outstanding With An Efficient Order To Cash Solution

Dso Reduction Software

For any executive in the finance department, managing Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) is essential to the success of their company. From the C-Suite perspective, the ability to optimize working capital to drive cash and top-line ROI is at the forefront of their minds. Implementing secure and reliable order to cash solution can lead to measured DSO reduction and improved operational efficiency.

This guide will walk through the process of how to reduce DSO with comprehensive order to cash system. By the end, it will be clear how an appropriate solution can improve the agility and accuracy of accounts receivable.

Step One: Research and Determine Needed Features

The first step in the order to cash process is gathering requirements. For the most part, this includes assessing the needs of the business and finding solution that is proper fit. This includes answering questions such as whether to implement an end-to-end automation platform, specific solution, or combination of both. Start off by asking various departments, such as customerservice and finance, what features they think could help streamline their processes.

Step Two: Evaluate Market Solutions

The next step is to review the market solutions that fit the business needs. To properly evaluate these solutions, the current accounts receivable processes should be assessed. Determine which vendor is most likely to have suitable solution and discuss the needs of the business with their customersupport team. All benefits and features should be thoroughly evaluated and compared to each other. This includes evaluating the short-term and long-term impact of the solution.

Step Three: Install and Implement

The third step is to actually install and implement the software. At this point in the process, the customerservice team should be appropriately trained on how to use the solution. All staff should be prepared to use the new accounts receivable service and make sure that the interface is intuitive and user-friendly.

Step Four: Monitor and Measure Progress

The fourth and final step is to monitor and measure the results of the new system. Keeping track of essential metrics like time to invoice, time to collect, and more will show the success of the new solution. Analyzing the operational efficiency of the task will ensure that the accounts receivables are running smoothly and the DSO is being reduced.


By following this guide, executives in the finance department can easily find secure and reliable order to cash solution for their business. By investing in the necessary solution, DSO can be reduced with improved operational efficiency. From this guide, it ishould be clear how an appropriate solution can positively impact the finance department and improve the agility and accuracy of accounts receivable.