A Risky Reality of Manual Cash Application

Businesses and organizations of all sizes have long recognized the value of automating accounts payable processes. Automating a process is a smart way to optimize resources, provides a potential competitive advantage, and overall helps to foster a more streamlined organization. Yet, when it comes to Cash Application for accounts payable, automation is often overlooked, meaning great opportunities to reduce risk, increase efficiency, and improve accuracy are lost.

For many public and private organizations, the greatest challenge in AP automation is the ability to accurately and timely process payments, and Cash Application must be properly addressed. When software is used, accurate and timely deposits can be achieved as payments are identified, coded, and reflected on ledgers. However, without Cash Application software, the process is manual, subjecting organizations to operational risk and causing an inefficient use of their resources.

When Cash Application is performed without the aid of software, the process typically relies on complicated spreadsheets, and manually matching payments to invoices. This approach is tedious, unreliable and extremely prone to human error. Focusing exclusively on reducing the AP workload can bring about a variety of negative consequences to organizations, such as incomplete information and high processing costs. Furthermore, the manual approaches reduce cash visibility and make it difficult for organizations to identify potential threats due to lack of visibility.

By implementing a software for automated Cash Application, organizations can better manage threats and efficiently allocate resources. The software should include automated processes that allow for timely cash reconciling, coding, tracking, and posting—which are all essential to the financial well-being of funds and the organization overall. Further, the software should provide real-time data that can be used for an organization to make decisions about unclear payments and/or prioritize invoices immediately in situations of acute shortage or availability of cash.

Making the enhanced security, accuracy, and efficiency of automated Cash Application software available to organizations can aid in not only providing data-driven insights, but also ensuring money is being used as intended. Clearly this is of pivotal importance to finance executives, as they are tasked with maximizing the financial performance of their respective organizations.

Ultimately, automated Cash Application software is a necessary modern solution that can revolutionize operations, improve cash flow visibility, and accurately identify and trace payments without financial losses. It is a trusted solution that can help organizations process payments with little to no manual effort, and can ultimately be a critical tool for finance executives looking for a software solution.