Accounts Payable Automation Software: The Risk Of Forgoing Automation

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As chief financial officer, the appeal of automated accounts payable processing is clear. Automating invoice processing can yield significant cost savings, rapid time efficiency and reduced human error. All this begs the question: what are the risks of foregoing automation?

For an enterprise, manually processing invoices can lead to crippling costs due to miscalculations, inaccurate paperwork, and inefficiencies. Increased data security measures can quickly overwhelm on-burst resources, leading to costly downtime and strained personnel. Inaccurate invoices put business at risk not just for overpayment, but also for potential fines and legal repercussions.

Quality control is an issue as hand-processing is highly vulnerable to errors in coding, quantity, prices, and other details that could lead to disputed invoice payments. Over time, managing ever-growing paperwork, key component of invoice processing, can become an increasingly daunting task.

As with any other cost-cutting measure, automation has its own set of risks and the possible need for adjustments. Companies would require the support of IT personnel for human-interfacing with various ERP systems, bank accounts and respective supplier websit is. Customers too, may require institutionalised processes for data format conversion and for them to integrate systems with relevant supplier networks.

Potential pitfalls in automation include data and manual input errors, system compatibility issues, and general lack of understanding or implementation protocols. Additionally, it is necessary to consider the cost and logistics of maintenance and upgrades as some automation solutions become obsolete over time.

In conclusion, manual invoice processing bears significant financial, operational and legal risks which can be mitigated by automated invoice processing solutions. Despite certain associated risks, the potential cost savings and increased accuracy mean that automated solutions are increasingly becoming an attractive option for companies of all sizes.