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AmeriQuest is now Corcentric

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We’re excited to announce that AmeriQuest has united with Corcentric into a single, powerful brand. Fifteen years ago, we recognized the need to couple our highly successful fleet purchasing programs with financial process automation technology enabled by Corcentric.



The further alignment of procurement and finance as closely interconnected functions had a direct and positive impact on our customers’ operating efficiencies and bottom-line savings. This newly unified Corcentric brand creates a synergy that strengthens our service offering for our transportation customers.

Working together, we will continue to build upon the values, commitment, and innovation that powers our entire organization. We look forward to applying all of the resources of the new Corcentric to ensure your success.

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Important documents to help you make the transition:


Please take a moment to read through the Frequently Asked Questions below. If you don’t see the answers you need, reach out to us using these email addresses. Our team leaders will respond promptly:

Frequently Asked Questions
Why did AmeriQuest decide to adopt the Corcentric brand name?

AmeriQuest identified a significant opportunity in the marketplace in the way we serve customers, and we felt that we are much better positioned to capitalize on this opportunity by pursuing it as a unified brand. For the past 15 years, Corcentric has enabled AmeriQuest’s procurement programs with electronic invoicing and financial process automation technology.  As a unified brand under Corcentric, we are demonstrating to our customers that we understand this increasingly important relationship between procurement and finance. We are convinced that our collective strengths will provide you with a greater competitive advantage.

Was AmeriQuest sold?

No. Corcentric has been a wholly-owned subsidiary of AmeriQuest since 2002 and will now step forward as the identity for both businesses. There is no change in ownership or to the AmeriQuest staff with whom you currently work. We are not moving physical locations.

Do I need to communicate anything to my AmeriQuest suppliers?

We began engaging with our procurement suppliers last December to inform them of our corporate rebranding initiative and to begin addressing the steps needed to effect a smooth transition to the Corcentric brand name.  There is no need to contact your suppliers or any local dealers/vendors.

Do I need to make any changes to existing contracts with AmeriQuest or my suppliers?

No, our team will ensure that we make changes to existing contracts for programs, pricing schedules, and rebate agreements.

Will everyone working for AmeriQuest now be employed by Corcentric?

Yes, AmeriQuest employees will become Corcentric employees.

Will my contacts at AmeriQuest change?

No. All of your contacts at AmeriQuest, and the business units as you currently know them, will remain unchanged, but some units may be referred to with a new name. For example, we will refer to our transportation procurement programs as “Fleet Procurement” rather than “PFAC.” How we talk about ourselves will change, but the work we do as a whole will not.