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Thought leadership, opinion pieces, analyses, and research about the latest source-to-pay, order-to-cash, and fleet industry business challenges, and how we’re working to solve them.

E-Invoicing survival guide: How to ensure global compliance and optimize processes

Maturity levels, regulatory requirements, flows, formats, and methods of sending and receiving invoices still vary greatly from country to country. The challenges of e-invoicing compliance are obvious; to do it successfully, here are some survival tips

The Complete Guide to Managed Services

Learn how you can leverage Managed Services to meet all your finance function needs so that you can focus on what matters most — growing your business.

Finding workers with the right skillsets for today’s technology is a major challenge

One of the biggest concerns for fleets is finding and keeping drivers and techs with the right skillsets...

The limits of AR automation – Building the case for managed services

AR automation offers significant benefits to companies, there are limits to what it can achieve. The cost and resource commitments for a typical AR automation project can be uncomfortably high for many businesses, but a self-funding solution is available in the form of AR as a managed service.  

Unlock Working Capital by Shortening the Cash Conversion Cycle

Learn how to shorten the cash conversion cycle and liberate working capital

From good to great: Strategies for AP success

Accounts Payable success is an investment in planning, people, process, and technology.

What’s happening with the used truck market?

Fleet assets are hitting the used market in large volumes all at once thus leading to significant decreases in market prices.

5 characteristics of Best-in-Class AP departments

This part-2 blog focuses on the practices and attitudes of those enshrined with ensuring that vendor invoices are paid accurately in the most effective manner.

Why DIY automation projects fail and how managed services can drive success

There’s no denying that to gain a competitive advantage, you need to make investments in technology to improve your finance operations.

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