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Preventing payment fraud: Strategies for financial protection

As the digital landscape expands, the convenience of online transactions is shadowed by the increasing prevalence of payment fraud, paired with the traditional risk of fraudulent paper checks.

Create a durable purchasing strategy

Building a house without a plan is chaotic, and the same goes for a company without a purchasing strategy. This essential approach ensures effective resource management, cost optimization, and strengthened supplier relationships.

The top trends to optimize your purchasing strategy in 2024

Every year the cards for purchasing trends are reshuffled, and 2024 is no exception, driven by the rise of new technologies, the growing importance of sustainability criteria, and risk management.

Spend management: why and how to better control your business expenses?

Effective expense management is crucial for businesses to navigate rising costs, tight budgets, and supply chain disruptions in a challenging economic environment.

How are digital solutions and AI transforming spend management?

In today's digital and AI era, businesses use solutions like EEM, S2P, and FM to streamline expense management, automate processes, and enhance visibility.

eInvoicing mandate: the perfect opportunity to review our Procure to Pay process as a whole

The delay in e-invoicing reform presents a unique opportunity to analyze, digitize, and optimize your entire Procure-to-Pay (P2P) process. This can lead to significant cost savings and efficiency improvements for your business.

Invoice fraud: real-world examples and prevention tactics

Don't fall victim to fraudulent invoices by avoiding these four real-world scams

A procurement expert’s guide to effective change management

Managing change management starts with answering the question, "why?"

Invoice fraud exposed: tips for spotting fake invoices

Defend your company against invoice fraud by recognizing the various ways bad actors try to trick your accounts payable team.

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