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How CFOs drive innovation

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Thought leadership, opinion pieces, analyses, and research about the latest source-to-pay, order-to-cash, and fleet industry business challenges, and how we’re working to solve them.

10 best practices to manage Your Accounts Payable effectively

Ten best practices that every AP department must focus on, including AP automation, KPIs, standardized payment terms, and supplier relationship management.

How Accounts Payable Can Thrive in 2023

AP needs to be ready to meet the challeges that come with the changes in the global economic environment. Read the blog to learn how AP can thrive in 2023.

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CFO Challenge Focus: Market and Industry Volatility

CFOs are expected to both protect against the ravages of market volatility and invest for growth.

Optimizing Your Working Capital Management

What is working capital management? Click here to learn the answer, as well as ways to optimize your management strategy.

CFOs Now Look at Digitization from Both Sides (of the Balance Sheet)

In Part 3, we look at how and why Chief Financial Officers leveraged procurement solutions as an integral part of maintaining business operations.

What Is 3-Way Matching In Accounts Payable?

What is 3-way matching in accounts payable and how can you apply it to your business? Click here to learn more about Corcentric?s services.

Customer Experience Is Top of Mind for Corcentric

Corcentric is so honored to be awarded the IDC 2022 SaaS CSAT Award for Accounts Payable (AP).

CFO Challenge Focus: Macroeconomics

CFOs are faced with forecasting financial performance, growth opportunities, and risk management against the backdrop of these macroeconomic pressures.

Digital-Driven CFOs: Which Technology to Scale Up, Scale Back or Scrap

In Part Two, we'll explore how the learnings achieved by corporate finance leaders regarding digital technology during disruption is now shaping their future strategies for the finance function.

Great Resignation = Greater Procurement Optimization: A Webinar Recap

Finding a procurement partner to work with should be approached like finding a full-time employee.

A Brilliance for Resilience: CFOs Prioritize Digitization to Maximize Working Capital

Our latest survey report with, Digitization Strategies, reveals the actions that CFOs take to improve cash management and financial operations.

How Do the SEC Climate Risk Disclosure Rules Impact Your Business?

The SEC proposed new rules that would require public companies to provide information regarding climate-related risks.

How CFOs are Embracing Technology to Get Ahead

CFOs are now expected to supplement their financial acumen with tech savvy, to deliver the financial performance and insight a successful business needs.

Why Becoming a SmartWay Affiliate Is a Smart Move for Fleets

The agency has provided its more than 3,700 partners with strategies, ideas, and initiatives for emissions reduction.

What are Continuous Transaction Controls (CTC) and Their Role in Tax Compliance?

Continuous transaction controls are seen by some tax authorities as a more accurate and timely way to gain insight into transactions that are liable for taxation.

The State of ePayables Chapter 3: How to Become an AP (Best-In) Class Act

The journey to Best-in-Class accounts payable starts with a single step: reviewing your own performance ? both current and historical.

Q&A with Forums International about Credit Management Challenges Today

Corcentric met with Jon Swan from Forums International to discuss the challenges credit managers face today.

How to Become a High-Performance Procurement Organization

Procurement must move up the maturity curve to become a stronger business partner, both internally and externally.

Size Matters: Why Large Companies Outpace in Payments Digitization

For big company CFOs, the digitization of B2B payments is about a commitment to a much broader digital transformation of business processes as a whole.

Global B2B e-Invoicing mandates to know in 2023

Here is a snapshot of what mandatory B2B e-Invoicing looks like in European countries which have mandates in place.

Why Top Procurement Teams are Ditching Hiring for a Hybrid Approach

Leverage the continuing knowledge accumulation of procurement professionals who are constantly working with a wide variety of companies across a broad range of industries.

The State of ePayables Chapter 2: Achieving AP Mastery

The second chapter of this report addresses the priorities, challenges, and opportunities that exist for AP teams and the AP process today and how to move forward.

8 Steps to Optimize Your Procurement Processes

If your organization is still using legacy manual and paper-based processes, your ability to streamline, increase efficiency, and reduce costs will be unnecessarily hampered.

Mandatory B2G e-Invoicing Across Europe in 2022

Business-to-government (B2G) electronic invoicing comes in many different varieties, relying on different platforms to generate and receive invoices and even different methods of delivery.

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