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Thought leadership, opinion pieces, analyses, and research about the latest source-to-pay, order-to-cash, and fleet industry business challenges, and how we’re working to solve them.

Is digitization the answer to supply chain challenges in 2023 and beyond?

Digitally integrating AP and AR processes through cash flow forecasting solutions and automation will unlock the crucial data needed for insight-driven decision making.

9 ways Managed AR services help businesses navigate economic volatility

It's high time for businesses to streamline the AR management process and liberate working capital from your receivables ledger.

Business outcomes, not business overheads

It is the focus on outcomes, rather than overheads and ownership, that is driving high-level change in the business strategy of many companies today.

How to improve accounts receivable turnover ratio

Need to know how to improve accounts receivable turnover Click here for Corcentric's detailed explanation and breakdown.

Avoiding tech that requires a job req

Corcentric believes that having the personnel on-site that is comfortable with the technology is the only way to stay ahead.

Why are CFOs talking about managed services again?

Find out exactly what's driving this resurgence of interest in managed services, and how they apply to the finance function.

Reducing technology friction across the Source-to-Pay and Order-to-Cash continuum

The source-to-settle continuum includes some of the most complex general and administrative (G&A) processes within any business.

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