Change management for implementation success


A conversation about the other side of implementation success: Change management

All projects have two sides: the technical side and the “people” side. Both need to be actively managed for the project to be a success. The more people that will need to use a system in order to realize the intended ROI, the more investment the implementation project team needs to make in change management.

It is critical to stress that focusing on compliance alone will not necessarily drive the desired behaviors from a group of users, whether they are inside or outside of the enterprise. Instead, a deliberate effort must be made to foster collaboration and understanding through engagement and two-way communications.

In this Corcentric Conversation, we discuss the investments procurement should make in change management to ensure it is an asset rather than a stumbling block in technology implementations, and provide actionable advice about:

    • The most common elements of change management he discusses with companies to lay the groundwork for the effort that will follow
    • What companies need to know about themselves, their culture, and their people before they can put effective change management plans in place
    • The role that suppliers should be invited to play in the change management planning process and during the following project

Thank you for listening. Be sure to tune in to our next Corcentric Conversation. Until next time!