The importance of digitization to a remote workforce


A Conversation with Dan Andrew, Senior Vice President of Sales at Corcentric

While many finance executives are slashing costs to weather the downturn, some view investments in technology as essential to better equip newly remote finance teams or strengthen other parts of the business.”

— Mark Maurer, CFOs Look to Ramp Up Automation Investments Amid Pandemic, Wall Street Journal: April 8, 2020

Digitization has been a high priority for procurement for years, although not for the reasons we need it today. The challenges associated with supporting and managing a remote workforce have dominated the headlines for weeks as companies and employees adjust to working from home in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Dan Andrew, Senior Vice President of Enterprise Sales at Corcentric, recently sat down for a Corcentric Conversation about the value of building a digitally enabled remote workforce, both in today’s environment and in more stable times.

For many companies, the COVID-19 pivot has accelerated plans and roadmaps that were already on paper – just extended over a much longer period of time. Executive teams are working to increase alignment between functions and streamline every operation and transactional process. For procurement, this leads to a significant (if fast paced) opportunity to deliver against digitalization objectives.

In this Corcentric Conversation, Dan addresses questions such as:

  • How an investment in digital source to pay can prepare an enterprise for whatever may affect (or distribute) their workforce
  • How the level of procurement digitization can affect and enable suppliers as well as buyers
  • Why (according to the recent Wall Street Journal article cited above) now is the time to invest – not cut back – on procurement digitalization

Thank you for listening. Tune in to our next Corcentric Conversation with Brian Seipel for insight on how procurement can use the Kraljic Matrix to re-evaluate supplier relationships.

About our Guest: Dan Andrew, Senior Vice President of Enterprise Sales at Corcentric

Dan has over three decades of experience in the area where finance and technology merge. He works with some of the country’s biggest companies to configure innovative payables solutions that can deliver ROI in the first year.