Electronic Document Distribution and Document Management


Document management and electronic document distribution are important features of any modern company. Proper document management will allow you to keep track of invoices, statements and dunning letters which you send out to your customers. This in turn will make you a more efficient company, and one into which customers will want to enter business with.

Modern Electronic Document Distribution

Any modern company will need to send a variety of documents to their customers on a daily basis, and the way in which this is done will reflect on that company’s reputability. Electronic document distribution is the sending of invoices or statements to a customer using e-mail and the internet. A document management system will automatically send customers invoices or statements when these documents are due, by whatever means the customer would prefer to receive them. When electronically, the customer will be sent e-mail notification of their prepared invoice; they will then access this via a link in the e-mail.

Why is Electronic Document Distribution better for Customers?

Electronic document distribution means that a customer is automatically sent documents as soon as they are available, and can then respond to or acknowledge these immediately. This is achieved using careful document management on your company’s part. Being able to access their invoices online as electronic document distribution allows will enable customers to access these documents at any time, and from any PC or laptop with internet access. This is convenient for the customer and for you, the sender, as you may receive invoice payments sooner than if traditional document sending methods were used.

How is Document Management Achieved?

Document management may be carried out using specialised computer software, by outsourcing the document management task, or simply by devising your own programme, which is specific to your company. Electronic document distribution relies on constantly updated customer databases, which track statements, dunning letters and invoices which have been sent out.

The outsourcing of document management to a company such as Corcentric can make the task of electronic document distribution considerably easier on you. Companies like Corcentric concentrate their business on document management for other companies, so carry out the electronic document distribution task efficiently. They also are able to track dunning letters which you are sending out, and can therefore inform you when a customer’s invoice payment is severely overdue. Taking this document management task away from you means that you can then focus on keeping your company modern and improving its services.