Folder Inserters: The Alternative to Electronic Post


As much as this site describes the benefits to electronic post, it should be noted that some documents are simply better sent by post.

Folder inserters are the machines which allow you to receive neatly enveloped documents through the post. Many such documents include your statements and invoices from companies who use folder inserters.

Although sending invoices through the post is not necessarily safer than sending an email link to that invoice, it is often the preferred method for many people. The folder inserter machine is fed with invoices or statements of varying length (fewer than 5 pages). The folder inserter then takes these one at a time, folds them neatly and inserts them into an envelope. The folder inserter can work with envelopes of varying size or orientation.

Advantages to receiving post from a folder inserter

There are many advantages to you, the client, of having your post created using a folder inserter. A document received by post is more obvious to you, and the folder inserter can be programmed to include advertisements with your statement, alerting you to new offers or deals. Notifications by e-mail may be accidentally deleted or passed straight to junk mail.

Disadvantages to creating post with a folder inserter

Environmentally, folder inserters are more wasteful of paper than electronic post. Folder inserters also require energy in printing the documents to be put in them and through the folder inserter’s own processing of said documents. The folder inserter is also more likely to fault suddenly and therefore require constant supervision when enveloping.

Who owns a folder inserter?

A company such as Corcentric, who specialize in folder inserter enveloping and postal customer communication, are the primary users of folder inserters. These companies are ones to whom other companies outsource their postal requirements. Finding a company with multiple folder inserters can be cheaper for a company than posting their own statements. A richer company may wish to purchase a folder inserter, but should be aware of the folder inserter requirement for constant supervision.

Companies must be very careful when choosing to buy a folder inserter as using it incorrectly could result in one customer receiving another customer’s post. The nature of statements means they contain sensitive information, so a mistake with a folder inserter could lead to some serious trouble. Thankfully it is required that anyone operating a folder inserter sign a data protection form and are carefully trained.