Is Outsourced Document Distribution the answer to your Growing Client Base?


As a growing company, you may find your document distribution needs are becoming an issue.

A popular way to ease this strain is outsourced document distribution. Outsourced document distribution involves passing the responsibility of all your outgoing post to a company who is expert in this field. This company who you have outsourced document distribution to will be used to dealing with a varied client base who prefer their invoices delivered via post, fax or the internet. The will therefore know the most energy and cost efficient way to complete this task.

Do I need to Outsource Document Distribution? An introduction to Simple Business Invoicing

Simple business invoicing is the alternative to outsourced document distribution. Simple business invoicing packages are computer software programs which help you to set up a live client database which can then automate the sending of invoices, statements and dunning letters. When email invoices are wanted, the simple business invoicing software will send the documents without needing to be instructed to do so. Invoices sent via fax or the postal service will be highlighted to you, the company as needing to be printed and posted.

It is mainly in the numbers of customers wanting postal invoices that your company may run into trouble with its growing client base. With a simple business invoicing system other invoices are sent effortlessly, whereas invoices needing folding, enveloping and sending can begin to be a great task if folder inserter machines (see page 10 of website) are not used. When using outsourced document distribution the company sending the invoices will undoubtedly have a number of these. You, as a non-specialist company, however, may not possess the funds or man-power to acquire a folder inserter. In such a case, outsourced document distribution to a company such as Corcentric is recommended.

Which is more Cost-Effective: Simple Business Invoicing or Outsourced Document Distribution?

This depends on the size of your business. For a large and growing business, a decision not to use outsourced document distribution can be of detriment to your company. If employees are spending more time dealing with outgoing post than customer care and quality the business may begin to suffer. Outsourced document distribution relieves this and will give you the time to concentrate on the running of your company and maintenance of well-trained staff.

A smaller business would certainly be recommended to use simple business invoicing over outsourced document distribution. The simple business invoicing software will not only assist with document distribution, but give you better insight into the running of a large company, and prepare you for when your company grows from small to large.