The competitive advantage associated with a diverse supply base


A Conversation with Jennifer Ulrich, Vice President of Advisory at Corcentric

Supplier diversity initiatives represent a prime opportunity for procurement to act upon many of the strategies most important to beyond-savings value creation: collaborating with stakeholders, innovating with the supply base, securing the buy-in of the executive team. Rather than being a secondary priority in the aftermath of pandemic-related supply chain disruptions, supplier diversity, and localization initiatives have risen to the top in terms of priority and visibility.

Jennifer Ulrich, Vice President of Advisory at Corcentric, joined us to speak about the importance of supplier diversity and the many forms of value they can deliver to companies and suppliers alike.

In this Corcentric Conversation, Jennifer discusses the general trends and shifts she is seeing in supplier diversity initiatives, the macroeconomic conditions that color how companies leverage their suppliers, and the types of return companies can expect to realize from having a diverse supply base:


    • How companies are measuring the impact or ROI of their investments in supplier diversity.
    • The communication and positioning work required to ensure progress in supplier diversity is perceptible to current and target customers.
    • The greatest challenges procurement teams can expect to face if they decide to start or expand a supplier diversity program today.


Listen here.

About our Guest:

Jennifer Ulrich is the Vice President of Advisory at Corcentric. Jennifer is a transformation advisory and strategic sourcing expert with more than ten years’ experience leading large-scale organizational improvement and sourcing initiatives. She specializes in designing customized maturity assessments for procurement and AP organizations of all sizes and in developing actionable roadmaps to realize sustainable transformations.