The use of Folder Inserters in Sending a large amount of Post


A folder inserter is a clever piece of equipment which takes invoices or statements of varying sizes and automates the process of folding and enveloping them. Using a folder inserter differs from mass mailing methods described on other pages, as its sole focus is on paper post sent in envelopes.

Why use a Folder Inserter?

The folder inserter machine is used frequently by companies with many customers as it can envelope up to 3,000 customer statements in an hour! The folder inserter is widely used by many companies because some documents still need delivering by post. For example, using the internet to deliver invoices or statements may be inappropriate for those without computer access or where it is important that the customer have a paper copy. Folder inserters can cope with multiple page statements, although these will take longer to envelope.

The folder inserter machine is also advantageous on a financial level. Employing people to fold and envelope the many documents which a company needs to post every day would be expensive. Also the job of a folder inserter is monotonous, making it difficult to find employees to take on such a role. With a folder inserter a job of 10 people can be reduced to that of the one person required to watch the folder inserter machine, and re-fill it with invoices and envelopes when it is running out.

Time-wise a folder inserter machine will always come out top over traditional human methods. As mentioned earlier, the standard folder inserter can envelope up to 3,000 statements in an hour. An industrial folder inserter could manage up to 7,500 – although these are generally out of the price range for many businesses.

What if I can’t afford a Folder Inserter to fold my Post?

This is where a company such as Corcentric comes in to play. Using a folder inserter machine to send post can prove costly due to the intricacy and specialist skills required to work one. This is not to say it would be too hard to train staff to use a folder inserter, but many working businesses will simply lack the time. Corcentric and other such companies are ones to which the job of a folder inserter can be outsourced. Their many years experience working with folder inserters mean that your post is in safe hands with them.