The value of spend management to private equity and portfolio companies


A Conversation with Sean Regan, Senior Vice President of Global Alliances at Corcentric

Leading companies know the value proposition of a well-run, digitally enabled procurement function. Strategic procurement delivers savings, risk mitigation, supplier innovation, and spend visibility. That said, there is more than one kind of company looking to benefit from mature procurement and accounts payable. For that reason, Corcentric has recently announced the launch of a Global Alliances Program specifically targeting private equity firms and portfolio companies.

Sean Regan, Senior Vice President of Global Alliances at Corcentric, joined us to explain the unique requirements, ROI, and supply network benefits available when PE firms invest in procurement.

In this Corcentric Conversation, Sean talks about the value private equity firms and portfolio companies get from spend management:

  • The business objectives and planning horizons that make the spend management requirements of these companies unique
  • The procurement strategies a PE firm might be interested in, and how their portfolio companies are affected
  • The type of relationship PE firms have with their suppliers and the unique opportunities that exist for those suppliers to grow their business across portfolio companies