Transactional Document Distribution in a Modern World


The distribution of transactional documents is a necessary feature of all modern companies. In order to achieve profit maximisation and gain a competitive advantage, this should be done as efficiently as possible.

Post, fax and e-mail are all methods used in today’s world for transactional document distribution; although it is generally accepted that e-mail transactional document distribution using web invoicing is the most efficient of these.

What are Transactional Documents?

Transactional documents are any documents relating to transactions which have been made between businesses and their customers and clients. These include service statements and invoices to request payment for a service. Transactional document distribution refers the way in which transactional documents are distributed to customers. Recently the internet has begun to dominate this field, with many customers and clients finding themselves web invoiced for services they have used.

Web Invoicing in Transactional Document Distribution

Web invoicing is an extremely popular method of transactional document distribution. Web invoicing uses the internet to send a customer their invoice, or a link to their invoice, as soon as it becomes available. This offers convenience to clients and customers, who can then pay that invoice without delay. Web invoicing is also a convenient way for businesses to conduct transactional document distribution as documents are sent automatically, so fewer personnel are required.

Web invoicing also offers companies an environmentally friendly way for transactional document distribution to be carried out, as does not require document printing. Prior methods of fax and post would always result in a paper copy of an invoice being sent to a customer. Being eco-friendly in environmental document distribution is essential for a modern company as it is something to which customers may look when choosing you as their service provider.

Following from this point, it can be seen that web invoicing is a cheaper method of transactional document distribution. Automated document sending means money does not need to go into printing, paper and postage costs.

Outsourced Web Invoicing

Web invoicing may be outsourced to another company in order that it is carried out efficiently. This will avoid customer and service disruption for your business. Transactional document distribution is an important part of your business, and its outsourcing allows a better quality of service. A company to whom transactional document distribution could be outsourced is Corcentric EIPP. This company have been managing transactional document distribution on behalf of other businesses for many years, and are well equipped to satisfy your postal, fax, and web invoicing needs.