Using a Virtual Mailroom in your Modern Company


A virtual mailroom is a company that can take over a company’s mail and postal needs.

Companies offering a virtual mailroom or virtual post room have come about to fill a niche in the market for the outsourcing of mass document distribution. The use of a virtual mailroom can be integral to growing companies like yours, giving you more time to develop your company and improve your services.

Why would a Virtual Post Room be better for me?

A virtual mailroom is the simple solution to managing mass documents. On a daily basis you send out a variety of invoices and statements to customers in ways specific to them – by fax, post or online. If carried out internally, the creation of your own virtual mailroom can be a complicated task, requiring specialist equipment and a larger workforce to manage this equipment. Outsourcing your document distribution needs to a company who specialize in this field, such as Corcentric, can be a simpler solution. These companies are able to offer a near 100% accuracy rate as their workforce comprises trained experts in the running of a virtual mailroom or virtual post room.

With an outsourced virtual mailroom, deliveries of invoices and statements are guaranteed to be made on time. As this is done for you, your company need not perform at a slower rate during busy periods, or give a slower service to customers during the transfer between systems.

A company offering virtual mailroom or virtual post room services will be able to accommodate your entire client base. This means it will deliver all documents you need delivered, even if this delivery is via fax or post. As a specialist in the field, the virtual mailroom they provide will have the most up to date fax machines, or folder inserters for creating post.

Is a Virtual Mailroom more Expensive than Managing Document Distribution Internally?

Unless your client base is very small, a virtual mailroom is not more expensive than conducting your mailing tasks internally. As a growing company, a point will be reached when you begin to require excess personnel to deal with your mailing or postal needs. In order to acquire these, the process of hiring and training must be conducted, which takes time and money. Similarly, choosing not to outsource your virtual post room will lead to money being spent on purchasing specialist hardware and equipment such as computer programs and folder inserters. To keep your company growing, you must be able to manage the customers you presently have. Outsourcing your document distribution needs to a virtual mailroom or virtual post room is the way to do this.