Why Your Customers Will Prefer e-Billing


We all know e-billing is advantageous for your company; but what about the most important people to your company – your customers and clients?

Well its good news all around, e-billing offers just as many advantages to them too!

Speed of Transaction

As a customer purchasing a service from a company, the way in which that transaction is conducted will very strongly affect whether that company will be used again, or recommended to friends. A customer who receives invoices and statements electronically will undoubtedly experience a faster, simpler service. Traditionally invoices sent by post would take over a day to arrive and would need paying either by post or using a telephone – both of which take time and effort on the customer’s part. An electronic bill arrives instantly, meaning it can be paid faster. E-billing therefore allows better financial management on the customer’s part. Payment of an invoice can be made using a link on the e-bill, so the money can go out the very same day.


Traditional invoices are sent by post to a customer/client’s home address, which means they can only access their invoice if they are at home to receive it. E-billing sends such invoices to a customer’s private e-mail address, meaning they can access and pay it from any on-line computer in the world. This is especially true with the proliferation of wireless internet sites, which allow people to access the internet in public areas from a personal laptop. Electronic billing gives customers the freedom to receive and pay their bills anywhere and at any time.

Privacy and Security

As E-billing sends invoices electronically to a customer’s personal e-mail inbox, this eliminates the problem of them becoming lost or delayed in the postal system. An e-bill will arrive as soon as sent, with a delivery notification sent to you, the sending company. You will also receive notification if a customer has clicked the link in your e-mail and actually viewed their e-bill online. Follow up contact can be made efficiently if a customer does not view their e-bill in a certain period of time.

Additional security is offered with electronic billing as it is much harder for the e-bill to be intercepted and personal information seen. A customer’s e-mail address is not apt to be changed frequently or be accessed by anyone apart from them.

Environmental Factors

Modern customers care about the environment, which means you have to. Electronic billing saves paper and energy used in printing and posting of invoices, statements and follow up letters. Customers appreciate this e-billing feature, and with the money you’re saving, you should too!