Originally appeared in Fleet Owner

Investment in advanced driver assistance systems and other safety technologies has become a major focus for commercial carriers today.

The safety of truckers, other drivers, and pedestrians is a major focus for trucking companies for obvious reasons. Fortunately, the trucking industry is continually working to make its vehicles safer by producing a range of options in which fleets can invest.

The latest crop of safety-related products falls under the category of advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS). These products include forward collision warning, active lane keeping, lane departure warning systems, blind spot warning, adaptive cruise control, automatic emergency braking, and more.

However, these systems are designed to assist, not replace, drivers, who play a vital role in vehicle safety and benefit from safe driving training. These systems help reduce the number and severity of accidents.

Fleet managers should invest in ADAS technologies to make their fleets safer. Avoiding even one accident—especially given today’s litigious environment—can be worth the cost of the technology on its own.

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How effective are these systems? A 2021 Bosch Research study said that injuries in truck crashes were potentially reduced by nearly a quarter (23%) if the truck triggered the accident.

There are other advantages of ADAS. These systems are camera-based, so video footage taken during a triggering event can be used to exonerate an innocent trucker. In the event the accident is the driver’s fault, the fleet can settle the claim quickly and avoid a lawsuit.

Other benefits include cost savings. For one, some insurance companies may base premiums on whether the truck is equipped with ADAS. In addition, these units may yield increased value in the secondary market due to their growing popularity as fleets focus on safety.

A final benefit is around driver recruiting and retention. Drivers value safety and often see technologies aiding these efforts as an indication that a fleet values and respects its drivers as well as the many others sharing the roads and highways. A company demonstrating care in this manner can hold an advantage in the highly competitive battle for qualified drivers.

Investment in ADAS and other safety technologies is a must to keep your drivers and others on the road as safe as possible and enjoy the added benefits.

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