Cherry Hill, NJ, April 02, 2014 – AmeriQuest Transportation Services, a leading provider of fleet management services, today announced it grew its Financial Services Division Leasing volume by 20% in 2013. The 2013 volume of business was $157.9 million, up from $132.2 million the previous year.

By more effectively managing customers’ fleet asset lifecycles through its proprietary Total Cost of Ownership analysis, AmeriQuest routinely increases a fleet’s productivity and lowers overall operating costs by 15-20%.

“We design specific financial products for each of our customers’ unique operations, which enables them to have more control, increased flexibility, and the ability to drive costs out of their business,” said Mike Hamilton, Senior Vice President of AmeriQuest Financial Services. “It’s one of the things that make us completely different from anyone in the marketplace.”

Hamilton noted that many customers, including companies such as Nestle, Bimbo, Cardinal Logistics, Kraft Foods Group, Mondelez Global, Reyes Holdings, CURE Leasing & Maintenance and PODS, can now count the savings they’ve realized since working with AmeriQuest in the millions of dollars.

AmeriQuest also recently placed #10 in the Monitor’s Top 25 Private Independents list, a leading equipment leasing and finance magazine. The list is comprised of equipment leasing and finance companies that are ranked by annual funded new business volume.

“AmeriQuest has become recognized for the way we use data to uncover savings opportunities in every step of the vehicle’s lifecycle. We meet regularly with our customers and provide analytics using their actual fleet cost data which enables them to make the best possible decision about when to replace each unit and drive all the cost possible out of their operation,” Hamilton explained.


Rob Tacey
Director, Communications & Public Relations
[email protected]
(302) 897-3094