The presentation, which provides tips for finance and procurement executives to realize meaningful savings and efficiencies, is available for download as a webinar

August 23, 2018 — Sean Bliss, Vice President of Sales, Indirect Spend at Corcentric, a fast-growing provider of procurement and financial process automation solutions, shared his insights on hidden opportunities in indirect spend during a presentation at the SCOPE Supply Chain Conference in Denver, CO (August 19-21). He explained how companies can save up to 12 percent simply through management of indirect spend.

Bliss provided tips for finance and procurement executives to get their åindirect spend under control and realize meaningful savings and efficiencies across the enterprise. The presentation identified and elaborated upon the organizational challenges of managing indirect spend – a crucial piece of business operations, but, traditionally, the least-managed aspect of procurement.

“Indirect spend continues to serve as a challenge for company finance and procurement executives,” said Bliss. “Indirect accounts for up to 40 percent of a company’s total purchases – yet, it’s typically the least-managed aspect of procurement. Companies have up to 12 percent unrealized savings opportunity on their non-strategic spending. Refocusing your approach is necessary to capture these savings and capitalize on new efficiencies to fund growth.”

Bliss’ advice on managing spend and taking advantage of the hidden opportunities in indirect spend can be accessed by downloading this free webinar.

Bliss leads Corcentric’s indirect spend division with more than 15 years of procurement transformation experience. He provides customers with expanded saving opportunities in their indirect spend categories and helps optimize management over working capital.


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