The “Wholesaler of the Year in the West” implements Corcentric’s fleet analytics

CHERRY HILL, NJ, August 1, 2019 — Corcentric, a leading provider of procurement and financial process automation solutions, is providing fleet analytics to support the rapid growth of URM, a regional co-op grocery distribution company that was recently selected as the 2019 Wholesaler of the Year in the West by The Shelby Report, a retail food trade publication

The arrangement between Corcentic and URM Stores means that the co-op food distributor can implement leasing schedules that optimize equipment as the company continues to grow.

“Corcentric’s fleet analytics helps us look into every single piece of equipment, and determine the right time to replace that equipment,” said URM Director of Transportation Steve Wolf. “I can’t imagine going back to buying equipment as a capital expenditure and then trying to figure out when to get rid of it.”

Headquartered in Spokane, Washington, URM Stores was confronting a shortage in both drivers and equipment at the same time it sought to expand its business into the west side of Washington. By implementing a fleet-planning process, Corcentric helped URM determine which power units could be extended for another season until they were better able to forecast long-term needs

“The market is constantly changing and we recognize that companies need the flexibility to change with it,” commented Mike Hamilton, Senior Vice President, Capital Equipment Solutions at Corcentric. “With OEM lead times out so far, we were able to create short-term leases on equipment that met URM’s immediate needs and was more cost-effective for them than renting.”

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