Willow Grove, PA, December 20, 2019 – Corcentric’s world-class Source-to-Pay team proudly accepts Supply and Demand Chain Executive (SDCE)’s Green Supply Chain Award for 2019. SDCE annually recognizes the innovative organizations that are working to promote sustainable Supply Chain Management and make Procurement an asset to the triple bottom line. 2019 marks the eighth-consecutive year that the green Source-to-Pay specialists have earned this recognition.

Providing their clients with real-time intelligence, procurement best practices, and diverse category expertise, Corcentric’s team has empowered countless clients to establish a greener approach to Supply Chain Management. Throughout the years, they have not only elevated the Procurement function, but helped drive the conversation around environmental responsibility. Past initiatives have seen Corcentric support a range of organizations in leveraging recycled materials and retooling their operations to “go green” without raising costs.

This year, the responsible sourcing team is recognized for a route optimization project. Facing stiff competition from industry giants, a specialty logistics provider approached the Source-to-Pay team to learn more about reducing costs and regaining its competitive advantage. It soon became clear that developing new routes would provide for far more than cost reduction. It also empowered the organization to dramatically reduce its carbon footprint while better serving its customers.

“At Corcentric” says Joe Payne, Senior Vice President, Source-to-Pay, “we consider it our duty to help clients identify solutions and strategies that are not only cost effective, but responsible. Sometimes, this means working against the perception that the ‘green’ option is always more costly. We pride ourselves on changing clients’ minds and enabling them to deliver on both cost reduction and sustainability objectives.”

The conversation around sustainable Procurement and Supply Chain Management is not a new one. Recent years, however, have seen it grow louder than ever. Organizations across every industry now recognize that sustainability is an essential component of any effective business strategy. Corcentric looks forward to continuing this conversation with peers at events like ISM2020 and throughout future client engagements.


Rob Tacey
Director, Communications & Public Relations
[email protected]
(302) 897-3094