Determine, a Corcentric company hosts a webinar with Purchase to Pay Network on Procurement and Finance alignment

London, UK, 5th May 2020 — Join this Purchase to Pay Network webinar, produced in partnership with Determine a Corcentric company where we will explore how spend management technology can improve collaboration, insight and control for both procurement and finance departments.

When? Tuesday, 19th May, 2020 10:30 AM – 11:15 AM BST

Let’s face it. Even now that we are forced to work from home, when we did all work in the same building, there was no guarantee of seamless collaboration, or effective communication with our colleagues, was there?

Take Finance and Procurement teams for example. It’s obvious that there are common threads of interest that both CFOs and CPOs deem as important for the coming year. It is highly likely that Risk Management and effective ways of working remotely will jump up a few spots for next year, for all stakeholders involved!

“Even before the COVID-19 crisis, both leaders ranked reducing costs, managing risk, and increasing cash flow, in their top 10 priorities. All three areas will now become pretty critical in effective recovery from the impacts of Corona on our businesses, and working ways of life.”

— Sophie POPE, Sales Director, UK & Nordics at Determine, a Corcentric Company

We can also appreciate that there is going to be an even greater need to justify new expenditure, and quantify efficiency gains brought about by the undeniable need for automation or digitization of currently manual processes. Remote working is here to stay, and so too is the need to turn some of those “softer” time-saving estimates into CFO-worthy financial commitments. Precious resources are stretched thinly as we divert supply chain professionals to ensure business continuity, and risk management activities, so saving time could be the competitive advantage to getting back on your feet in quick time.

In this webinar hosted by Sophie Pope, Sales Director for the UK and Nordics, from Determine, a Corcentric company, you will learn:

  1. Why Procurement and Finance teams are just not that well aligned, despite having these common goals at heart.
  2. Tangible ways for better collaboration between Procurement and Finance, in order to unlock greater value.
  3. Areas of the Source to Pay process where you can unlock this value, and importantly, quantify these results.
  4. What factors could impact your ability to deliver on these promises?


Sophie Pope | Sophie Pope, Sales Director for the UK and Nordics, Determine, a Corcentric company

Sophie Pope has over 16 years experience in the Supply Chain and Procurement Technology space. She has worked as a practitioner and in procurement management positions, primarily focused in Biotech, Heavy Engineering, and Manufacturing Industries. Sophie moved into a Consulting and Program Management role at Determine in 2013, and was actively involved in hundreds of successful large-scale Implementations for Source-to-Pay technology.


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