Paris, France – May 04, 2021 – Corcentric, a leading provider of business spend management and revenue management software and services, announced today that the Cité internationale universitaire de Paris (CiuP), a valued customer for more than seven years, is accelerating its digital transformation on the Corcentric Platform.

In 2014, CiuP deployed the Corcentric Platform (formerly Determine) to meet several objectives:

The digitization of the procurement process across categories

  • The establishment of an approval workflow
  • Centralization of supplier-related data
  • Optimization of supplier invoice processing
  • Improved budget monitoring

“Our previous manual processes did not give us a global view of our procurement data in real time and to be able to analyze it. By digitizing our processes with Corcentric, we gained efficiency and time.”
— AntoineManaged ARTIN-CHRISTOL
Purchasing Manager, Cité internationale universitaire de Paris

Backstory: Implementing a Cross-Business Platform

CiuP originally chose the Corcentric Platform for its ability to:

  • Adapt to the needs of users in all business areas (Purchasing, Management Control, Accounting, Operational, etc.)
  • Interface with the organization’s Cegid accounting software
  • Enable simple administration

Since go-live, CiuP has deployed the Corcentric Procurement Solution to 80 users, ranging from Operations to Support functions.

“We needed a multi-business tool, easily usable by both Purchasing, Management Control for budget monitoring and Accounting to record invoice files.”
— AntoineManaged ARTIN-CHRISTOL
Purchasing Manager, Cité internationale universitaire de Paris

Achieving Successive Business Outcomes

By integrating procurement processes and data on a single Platform, greater levels of collaboration between business areas has been strengthened, while also granting greater autonomy to users without the need for procurement team to be involved.

Because budget allocation and activation of approval paths are carried out transparently and automatically, CiuP has dramatically reduced manual errors and order approval times.

The integration between the Corcentric Platform and Cegid accounting program enables CiuP to easily manage more than 7,000 invoices per year, while also saving on processing times and eliminating data entry errors.

Finally, data on more than 600 active suppliers is centralized, accessible, and updated using just a single solution. This increased visibility means CiuP has strengthened compliance management and minimize the risks associated with third parties.

All the Advantages of Cloud Hosting

Based on continuous success using the Corcentric Platform, in 2019 Cité internationale universitaire de Paris accelerated its digital transformation by opting for cloud hosting of the Corcentric solution.

Moving from on-premise to the Cloud empowers CiuP with a host of additional advantages:

  • Solution flexibility to meet changing business needs
  • Optimized accessibility from any terminal
  • The ease of working collaboratively
  • Continuous innovation with automatic updates
  • Control of infrastructure costs
  • Regulatory compliance

In addition, CiuP benefits from continuously introduced features, including:

  • Reporting: Information from all of CiuP’s procurement activities is collected, centralized, and accessed through preconfigured dashboards, customizable reports, and KPIs.
  • Punch-out supplier catalogs: CiuP now has the ability to integrate Punch-Out catalogs in addition to its hosted catalogs.

“Thanks to the cloud version of the Corcentric Platform, we have a working tool available at all times and we can benefit from regular updates.”
— AntoineManaged ARTIN-CHRISTOL
Purchasing Manager, Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris

About Cité internationale universitaire de Paris

The Cité internationale universitaire de Paris (CiuP, a private foundation recognized as being of public utility, is entirely dedicated to welcoming students, researchers, high-level athletes, and artists on the move. Each year it welcomes some 12,000 residents from 140 nationalities to the 40 houses created at the initiative of a country, a school, or a philanthropist. The Chancellery of the Universities of Paris ensures the representation of the Parisian universities which own the houses by donation. Within each house, the “mixing” of nationalities and disciplines promotes exchange and collaboration. La Cité internationale is part of the international outreach policy of the universities of Paris, and as such contributes to the development of academic and scientific mobility.


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