Accounts Payable Transformation

Our AP Transformation Team Empowers Procurement and Finance to Drive Greater Value

Take Accounts Payable from cost center to profit center with Corcentric’s support.

New tools and strategies are transforming the business world. Procurement, Marketing, HR and other business units are putting aside legacy processes and generating a new level of strategic value. It’s time Accounts Payable realized a transformation of its own. Corcentric’s Finance optimization team has the expertise, insights, and technology to transform AP and drive it into a new generation.

Why you need an Accounts Payable Automation Solution

For many organizations, Accounts Payable is anything but strategic and anything but valuable. It’s often characterized by chaos, miscommunication, and repetitive processes. Here’s just a few of the headaches facing AP today:

  • Manual invoice approval and data entry.
  • Easily lost or misplaced paper invoices.
  • Poor visibility and integration between business units.
  • Discrepancies, exceptions, and process inefficiencies.

Does that sound like your organization? If so, it’s never too late to turn things around. Corcentric’s Procurement and Finance specialists have the resources and experience to help your organization realize the full potential of optimized Accounts Payable processes. In addition to eliminating time-consuming, paper-bound processes, we’ll provide for a stronger partnership between Procurement and AP and empower you to carry out an Accounts Payable Transformation.

At Corcentric, we speak AP’s language. We also recognize that Finance’s goals aren’t so different from Procurement’s. That’s why we’ve proven so successful in driving transformations for both Procurement and Accounts Payable. We’ll work with you to ensure the two units recognize their common objectives, identify synergies, and pool their resources to realize transformation and elevate your entire business.

AP Transformation Support

Corcentric’s hands-on support throughout AP Transformation enables organizations like yours to:

  • Standardize the approval and coding workflow to eliminate paper-based processes and move invoices from receipt to payment more quickly and more efficiently.
  • Gain additional visibility into invoices to identify AP pain points at their root, provide more accurate reports, and carry out more informed initiatives.
  • Guarantee compliance and adaptability with new long-term monitoring and new, more effective systems for assessing AP’s operations.
  • Equip Accounts Payable personnel to take on more strategic activities and generate long-term value for the organization.

Your organization is eager to realize a digital transformation. Why not start with Accounts Payable? Shaking up the unit’s legacy processes, empowering its people, and introducing a new level of automation could pave the way for major shifts across your entire company. Corcentric has spent more than two decades helping businesses like yours eliminate unnecessary work, identify hidden value, and deliver on their target business outcomes. Reach out today to learn more about what an AP Transformation could mean for you.