Merger and Acquisition Clean Room

Intelligent Clean Room Environments for Mergers and Acquisitions

Corcentric provides Intelligent Clean Room Services to capture value and improve synergies in mergers and acquisitions.

Corcentric can be your organization’s trusted third party to facilitate pre-merger planning and clean room services. We legally gather vital information between the two companies, and prepare actionable recommendations to implement – helping both parties realize synergies faster. Even with sensitive information and varying data systems, our team is experienced in employing a fully-compliant path to data compilation that is mindful of the Hart-Scott-Rodino Act of 1976.

Our M&A experts are experienced in reviewing supplier contracts, diverse spend categories, terms and conditions, and then developing a roadmap for transitioning and consolidating the most competitive supplier agreements. Corcentric leads the industry in benchmarking pricing of combined volumes against the market, and providing recommendations for best-in-class sourcing strategies and cost savings.

Corcentric’s Merger and Acquisition Clean Room Services include:

With the strict legal confines of clean room environments, Corcentric’s clean room team regards each project very seriously and set up very quickly. With the help provided by Corcentric during mergers and acquisitions, organizations are able to effectively manage their decision-making processes, optimize their systems, and make the best decisions for long-term value.

Our experienced clean room staff understands the complexities and diverse challenges presented by mergers and acquisitions. In clean room environments, Corcentric is adept in developing a secure and responsive plan that is capable of providing quality, confidentiality, and value. Our team can also address less-tactical portions of integration planning such as aligning cultural values, performance metrics, and HR objectives. Whatever clean room concern, Corcentric’s best practices cover a wide scope of problems during M&A consolidation.

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