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Results-Producing Sourcing and Procurement Services by Corcentric

Corcentric is a Recognized Leader in Spend Management

Take a strategic, proactive approach to managing your organization’s spend.

Organizations can no longer afford to approach their purchases from a reactive position. The changing shape of global supply chains means  it’s more important than ever for Procurement to evolve into a proactive spend manager. Effective Spend Management helps companies maintain control of their purchases, optimize their supplier relationships, and maximize the ROI of every dollar they spend.

Corcentric is a recognized leader in spend management consulting. Their team of subject matter experts assists organizations throughout every stage of the sourcing process. From spend analysis to savings tracking, Corcentric is there to ensure Procurement reaches its full strategic potential.

Spend can typically be broken down into three categories:

Corcentric offers consultative services to optimize corporate spend across all categories. In addition to increasing the quality of the products and services you procure, they’ll identify opportunities to reduce costs, introduce process improvements, and build Procurement’s internal reputation. Beyond providing for short-term gains, Corcentric’s hands-on approach to managing spend paves the way for sustainable value generation and continuous strategic growth.

Advantages of Corcentric’s Spend Management Services:

Reach out to join Corcentric’s list of satisfied clients and learn why their approach to Spend and Supply Chain Management regularly earns industry honors.

End-to-End Spend Management

The Procurement consultants at Corcentric have the expertise and experience to drive savings and promote efficiency throughout each stage of the sourcing and spend management process.

A Corcentric Company

In 2018, Corcentric was acquired by Corcentric. A leading provider of automation solutions for Procurement and Finance, Corcentric empowers clients to optimize the way they purchase, pay, and get paid. As a Corcentric Company, Corcentric continues to offer the consultative services that made it a leader in the Procurement space as well as a new, more holistic suite of spend management services.

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Benchmarking Services

Corcentric’s benchmarking services are informed by their decades in the trenches. Providing market insights and Procurement best practices, they help organizations learn how they stack up against the competition. Is your approach to spend management holding you back and costing you money? Find out today.

Procurement Benchmarking 

Contracting and Negotiations

The Procurement consultants at Corcentric have developed thousands of contracts and agreements over the years. Their deep knowledge of best practices and standard contract terms means they can guide clients through the contracting process and ensure they reach mutually beneficial agreements that will provide for effective spend management.

Reaching Win-Win Agreements

Supplier Relationship Management

Reaching a win-win contract agreement doesn’t mean your vendor engagement has reached maximum value. Guaranteeing year-over-year success means taking a dedicated, hands-on approach to managing every engagement and identifying additional opportunities.  Corcentric’s SRM consultants guarantee your vendor relationships mature into valuable strategic partnerships.

Optimizing Supplier Relationships 

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