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Strategic Sourcing & Cost Reduction for Manufacturing Information Technology Systems

For companies looking to enable and optimize the manufacturing process with best-fit software and hardware, Corcentric’s strategic sourcing experts can help to develop manufacturing requirements, match suppliers and solutions to your manufacturing needs, and provide insight into the best manufacturing systems and pricing available.

Updating your manufacturing process by investing in Smart Manufacturing can help control operational costs and recoup higher profit margins. Customer and industry demands are forever changing, which challenges a traditional manufacturing process to shift quickly to meet those demands. Manufacturing Execution Systems enable you to have real-time monitoring of the manufacturing floor as well as the ability to implement batch traceability into your process.

Corcentric’s IT procurement experts are experienced in working with companies who have complex manufacturing processes and infrastructure. When exploring the manufacturing system solutions available in the market, there are multiple parts to successfully implementing IT solutions to move to a leaner manufacturing process. Corcentric’s Manufacturing Systems Strategic Sourcing Team is here to provide the necessary subject matter expertise to ensure that any hardware or software that is sourced aligns with your business requirements and enables the process to run more efficiently and drive down costs.

With Corcentric’s Manufacturing Execution System Strategic Sourcing help, our clients have achieved:

  • Greater Visibility into and control over the manufacturing process
  • Enhanced ability to track production and manage inventory and demand
  • Higher quality finished products
  • Reduction in defective products
  • Lower per-unit costs

We have experience sourcing large scale solutions that will track production, inventory management, demand management, CRM, financials, etc. This would provide a full-spectrum solution for your business and with our negotiating and contracting expertise, we can ensure the relationship with these suppliers starts off on a positive note.With decades of experience, Corcentric’s Manufacturing Execution Cost Reduction Team is the ideal partner for companies involved in manufacturing that are looking to introduce and/or expand technology within their process to cut spend and maintain their competitive edge. Our IT strategic sourcing experts can provide the insight to help companies optimize their manufacturing process, increase value, and reduce costs. Contact Corcentric’s Manufacturing Systems procurement team today.

Software Solution Selection & Cost Reduction Expertise

Since 1992, the Software Strategic Sourcing experts at Corcentric have helped hundreds of companies define requirements and implement the best-fit software solutions for every end of the business.

Facilities Management Systems

Managing operations across numerous facilities is a challenge; doing so affordably is an even bigger challenge. While there are many Facilities Management software solutions available that can help reduce the administrative burden, it’s still difficult to select the right Facilities Management system and not end up going broke on  licensing and implementation costs. That is, unless you have the right market intelligence, strategic sourcing process, and IT category expertise. Let Corcentric’s Facilities Management Cost Reduction team help you right-size your requirements, develop a strong total cost of ownership model, navigate the software marketplace, and get the best price for your ideal facilities and maintenance system.

Facilities Management Systems Strategic Sourcing

Warehouse and Logistics Systems

Integrated software solutions emerge to support inbound and outbound logistics are on the rise, making enhanced visibility into your supply chain and inventory a reality and allowing manufacturers to better serve their distribution networks and customers.  But without strong insights into the marketplace and a command of the Information Technology landscape, companies will struggle to select the optimal solution and manage costs sustainably. That’s where Corcentric’s IT and logistics spend management experts can help. We have decades of history executing cost reduction efforts in leading companies with complex distribution and warehouse infrastructures. Trust our strategic sourcing team to find warehouse and logistics software suppliers and solutions that can support your current and future warehousing and logistics needs and achieve the supply chain efficiency and visibility you need – all at prices you can afford.

Warehouse Management Systems Strategic Sourcing

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