Telecom Optimization Solutions

Telecom Optimization

65% of companies incur late payment penalties as a result of an unorganized telecom expense management process.

(Source: Aberdeen Group)

At Corcentric, our telecom optimization services help companies reduce telecom costs, improve operations, and simplify management – a challenge for even the most successful organizations. Gaining spend visibility, navigating carrier contracts, and understanding the relationship between services and use while supporting end users and day-to-day operations is nearly impossible within many organizations due to lack of resources. Corcentric has a long history of providing the resource necessary to create a strategic roadmap that enables clients to identify and capitalize on short-term cost reduction opportunities, while maintaining the agility necessary to adopt new technologies, and make further improvements over the long-term.

Telecom optimization provides a detailed view of the asset and service inventory and configuration information necessary to allow companies to make informed decisions about how to reduce cost, refine process, and simplify management within their telecommunications operations without having to conduct RFPs or negotiate new agreements. The telecom optimization process starts with the creation of a comprehensive inventory of current carrier contracts, invoices, services, and usage based on a time period that accurately represents an organization’s average consumption of telecom services. The result, delivered as a baseline report, identifies an organization’s baseline telecom spend which can then be compared against telecommunications pricing in the market and used as the basis for decisions that will reduce cost and improve process.

By leveraging the information accumulated during the data collection phase of our process, our telecom optimization team can identify opportunities to: