Wireless Management

Wireless Management Services

Wireless services and wireless device management are perhaps the fastest growing sub-category within the telecommunications spend category as a whole. The problem is, most companies do not have the resources, tools, and people power to properly manage their wireless spend on an ongoing basis.

Corcentric can help

Corcentric’s Wireless Management offering allows organizations to offload the management burden that comes from the oversight of a modern wireless telecommunications category and leave the day-to-day management of their wireless services to our wireless telecom team, staffed with telecom subject matter experts. The organization benefits from the added insight from Corcentric’s wireless telecom experts and from the return of its internal team’s focus to strategic matters more centric to the organization’s goals.

Our wireless management services include:

Bill Audit and Processing to Payment

Corcentric’s wireless telecom team will continually monitor your wireless billing to ensure each charge is valid and that any discounts or credits have been properly applied by the carrier. Once verified, our wireless telecom management team will notify the organizations Accounts Payable group of the invoice’s approval to begin the payment process.


Our wireless optimization service allows an organization to identify savings and better tailor its wireless spend to its unique usage requirements without going to market via a traditional sourcing process. Corcentric’s wireless telecom team analyzes the entire wireless spend and then leverages our industry-leading volumes of proprietary market intelligence to determine the most efficient rate plans and negotiate savings from the incumbent carriers.

Custom Reporting

Our wireless telecom team can provide an organization with ad hoc reports outlining any metric that the client has identified, from the data activity from the top 5% of users, to those users frequently accuring overages, to a line by line accounting of all usage across an organization’s wireless spend.

Online Inventory Management and Reporting

Our online inventory management service for wireless telecom will maintain an active directory of all devices, services, and features ordered by the organization. Our wireless telecom management team can generate reports off this inventory, including device renewals and end-of-life statistics.

Equipment/User Activation

Our wireless telecom team can oversee the addition of new equipment and users to the network, ensuring that those services and features required by the network are properly provisioned.


When a device is no longer needed, or an employee leaves the organization, Corcentric’s wireless telecom team can begin the process of removing that user – and their billable services – from the organization’s wireless network within 24 hours of receiving notice.

Plan Changes

As part of our optimization service, and when notified of carrier plan changes, Corcentric’s wireless telecommunications management team will review the carrier’s wireless offerings and make plan change recommendations. Upon approval from the organization, Corcentric’s wireless management team will see that those desired changes are implemented.

Wireless Help Desk and Troubleshooting

Corcentric’s wireless telecommunications management offering provides a wireless help desk that serves as the initial point of contact for any service issues and any device troubleshooting. Should this wireless telecom help desk be unable to solve the problem, we will provide a warm handoff in transferring the user to the carrier’s service department.

Device Fulfillment and Kitting

Should the organization desire a higher level of service and control, Corcentric’s telecom management offering can include device fulfillment and kitting, which includes our wireless telecom team overseeing the device’s activation, the installation of any applications specified by the client (including any mobile device managment, or MDM, software), and the inclusion of any specified accessories like hands-free devices, cases, or screen protectors.

Corcentric’s wireless telecom resources are always looking for ways to improve the value you receive from your telecom carriers and suppliers by reducing cost, ensuring contract compliance, and recommending wireless plan changes that best fit the needs of your users and organization as a whole. Corcentric’s Full Wireless Lifecycle Management also helps to keep track of expenses and can improve operational efficiency and end user productivity by supplying wireless users with the most current devices, and supporting those users so they spend less time troubleshooting and more time producing value for your organization. In addition, Corcentric’s wireless telecom management services help to incorporate and enforce wireless security policies across all devices in your network.