Finance Transformation from Corcentric eliminates paper and encourages collaboration to make Finance a revenue center.

The modern Finance team has seen its role evolve considerably over the last several years. While driving down costs and optimizing budgets will always place highly on Finance’s list of responsibilities, the CFO has widely accepted a new, more multi-faceted role. Corcentric’s Finance Transformation team is here to help your Finance function take this important step.

Finance Transformation and Optimization

Combining industry, category, and functional expertise, Corcentric’s Finance Transformation team empowers the CFO and the entire Finance team. Here’s how we do it:

  • First, we’ll embed ourselves with your Finance unit to assess its maturity and conduct a benchmark assessment.
  • Once we’ve identified opportunities for growth and strong points to emphasize, we’ll work alongside Finance in creating a transformation roadmap.
  • Next, we’ll collaborate with Finance to optimize processes, refine workflows, introduce Finance optimization solutions, and provide for long-term transformation.
  • Our Finance Transformation team will also provide monitoring and change management support to ensure Finance’s operations remain optimal.

Finance Transformation isn’t just about digitization. That’s why Corcentric’s services don’t stop with technology selection. Our Finance optimization team works alongside your internal team to ensure you’ve got the people and processes you need to realize a quick return on your technology investments.

We’re not interested in identifying a Finance solution and leaving you to figure out implementation and change management on your own. With our support, you’ll carry out a Finance Transformation and develop an organizational culture that runs on innovation and continuous improvement.

Full-Service Finance Transformation

With support from Corcentric’s Finance Transformation team, your organization will maximize Finance’s ROI and realize benefits including:

  • Streamlined and automated Finance processes.
  • Refined Finance procedures and policies.
  • Best-fit technologies to support Finance’s efforts.
  • Stronger collaboration between Procurement, Finance, and other business units.
  • Updated training programs to optimize Finance’s approach to talent.
  • Reduced risk and increased compliance from stakeholders.
  • Improved systems for measuring and reporting on Finance’s performance.
  • Executive-level support for Finance’s initiatives.
  • stronger, more impactful brand for Finance.

Reach out today to learn how our Finance Transformation team can empower your organization to generate greater value and make Finance a strategic partner to Procurement and the rest of its peers within the business. What are you waiting for? Let’s transform Finance together.


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