Fleet Management Risk Considerations: The Potential Impacts Of Lack Of Mileage Capture Software Solutions

Arval Mileage Capture

Optimizing operating costs and safety for those who manage fleets has been long-standing challenge. By leveraging business intelligence insights and advancements in technology, solutions have emerged to significantly improve the efficiency and risk profile of commercial fleets. One such solution is mileage capture software. Without harnessing data points associated with how vehicles are used, there can be serious financial, legal and safety risks associated with fleet management.

For any size fleet, underreporting of mileage can lead to financial disputes with tenants and vendors. What’s more, not capturing mileage data can result in failed audits, leading to additional and perhaps unforeseen expenses. In the financial world, there is certain level of accountability associated with managing fleet of vehicles. Using software to track mileage can not only provide the requisite system of due control, but more importantly leads to more accurate financial reporting.

Beyond the financial implications of inappropriate mileage capture, fleet drivers and fleet vehicles can be at risk of legal and personal harm without adequate data tracking solutions in place. Holding drivers accountable for their activities ensures that preventable risks associated with accidents and personal safety can be minimized or avoided altogether. Solutions like mileage capture software can also provide detailed insight into driver behavior, allowing for better policy enforcement.

Overall, commercial fleet management often necessitates comprehensive approach to mitigating issues related to cost, safety and efficiency. Brushing aside the need for adequate mileage capture software can hinder an organizations ability to gain granular insight into their vehicles and personnel, creating level of risk. Therefore, investing in robust solutions can be the first step in proactively addressing the various components of fleet management.