Construction and Agriculture Procurement

Optimize procurement for
construction and agriculture
fleet equipment

Transform your construction business
with unmatched buying power

Even in strong economic times, the construction industry faces challenges with trade uncertainties, safety issues, labor shortages, and an urgency to reduce costs. That’s why you need a company with expertise in construction procurement, and no company understands this more than Corcentric, with a proven track record of helping companies reduce costs and save time. Our purchasing power of over 800,000 vehicles and 2,000 customers worldwide, enables the strongest possible national programs with over 160 key suppliers. At Corcentric, procurement and financial experts work to transform and optimize a company’s success.

Structured data and electronic invoicing for EU invoicing compliance

Pre-negotiated Programs

When it comes to procurement in construction, our experts source and negotiate the best possible supplier programs to maximize savings. With exceptional presence in the construction and agricultural sector and our expertise in agriculture equipment maintenance and construction equipment management, we’re able to drive down the cost of goods and services you need most.

Combined Purchasing Power

The purchasing power of over 800,000 vehicles among over 2,000 customers is passed on to you. Our terms are second to none, driving value so that you can focus on growing your business.


Simplified Billing and Payments

Leverage advanced technology to manage your invoicing and payables, streamlining the administrative burden. With flexible credit options, electronic payments, and a cloud-based transaction automation and analytics platform, you’ll cut your costs and simplify your payables process.

Get Unmatched Buying Power

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Reduce expenses on your fleet

Maintaining your construction and agriculture equipment is
expensive, and we can help maximize your savings.

Optimize solutions for your construction and agriculture equipment

Learn how we can save you substantial money by utilizing our expertise.