Getting Started with an Order to Cash Software Solution

Saas Cash Application Software

Having a reliable cash application Softwaresolution is essential to monetizing and organizing operations in the Order to Cash cycle. A solution that automates the payment reconciliation and cash application process can free up resources and reduce the cost of delivering services to customers. In this article, executives in the finance departmentseeking an Order to Cash Softwaresolution will gain an understanding of the features to identify, implementation steps to take, and processes to establish the pre- and post-implementation of the system.

Identifying the Right Features

When searching for an Order to Cash Softwaresolution, the first step is to identify the features necessary to successfully accommodate the company?s needs. Look for software that facilitates accurate customer information capture, validates customer data against supporting documents and allows real-time update of customer profiles. Additionally, it should identify debits and credits, and automate the cash application process with minimal manual intervention. Other features to consider include bank reconciliation and automated adjustments across multiple entities.

Implementing the System

When an Order to Cash Softwaresolution is selected, it is advisable to have a team that understands the current process and what the future process will look like. This collaboration is a critical step and will ensure successful implementation. After the process understanding is laid out, a system setup should be planned and configured to optimize the process. The system should be tested thoroughly to ensure all customer information is correct, determine the most efficient method for importing customer information, and ensure data accuracy and security.

Establishing a Process

Before the Order to Cash Softwaresolution can be used, a process should be established that is specific to the company?s customer information capture and cash application process. An efficient process will include locks on customer profiles and established financial policies. It will also make appropriate cash application rules with multiple validations and identify the right reasons before posting cash. It is also important to determine the customer payment or exemptions best suited for the customer.


Once the Order to Cash Softwaresolution is implemented, regular monitoring and validations of customer or cash application information should be performed. Additionally, adjustments to the system should be made as needed to accommodate customer updates or expanding customer base. Auditing of the system will ensure accuracy and that the process is running efficiently. Periodically reviewing reconciliations and customer profiles will help identify any issues before they become too large and further strengthen the customer relationship.


An Order to Cash Softwaresolution is the key to optimizing a company?s cash application process. When identifying the solution, executives must ensure features of customer information capture and cash application are fully supported. Successful implementation relies on a team understanding the current and future process. A strong process should be established that is specific to the company, as well as regular monitoring and adjustments to the system. Last, a thorough audit should be conducted to ensure that the system is running optimally.