A Win-Win for Buyers and Suppliers

Indirect GPO

The Corcentric Indirect GPO is your marketplace to source savings, simplicity and efficiency

The Corcentric Indirect GPO provides a streamlined marketplace to realize rapid purchase-to-pay savings. By leveraging pre-negotiated contracts with leading suppliers to source the products your organization uses every day, you benefit from the best possible pricing and service levels. It’s the ideal solution to get everything you need to keep business running smoothly while optimizing control of your indirect spend management.


The Indirect GPO marketplace:
A Win-Win for Buyers and Suppliers

Assist with supplier transition and program implementation

Monitor compliance and provide savings tracking

Ensure contract competitiveness on an ongoing basis​

Partner with suppliers to collaborate on strategic framework and shared goals

Set new business goals and objectives annually and develop marketing assets

Continuously update and augment supplier partners to ensure supply chain relevance


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Saving You Money on the Indirect Spend Categories
You Purchase Most Often

  • Office Supplies​ & Furniture
  • IT Hardware & Software
  • Breakroom Supplies
  • Janitorial Services & Cleaning Supplies
  • Car Rental Programs​
  • Telcom Services
  • Facilities Services
  • Maintenance Services
  • Merchant Services​
  • Water Delivery
  • General Industrial Supplies and Hardware​
  • Specialized Cutting Tools & Abrasives​
  • Industrial Gases​
  • Safety Supplies​
  • Welding Supplies​
  • Fleet & Shop Supplies​
  • Uniforms​
  • Electrical Supplies​

Indirect Spend Management Made Easy

The key to procurement efficiency is making it simple for users at every level. The Corcentric Marketplace helps better manage purchasing compliance and eliminate maverick spend by creating a familiar, intuitive online shopping experience. Buying teams get fast, easy access to catalogs with pre-negotiated supplier pricing and procurement management gets spend control, cost savings, and purchasing insights.

The Corcentric Indirect GPO Experience…

…For Buyers

  • Fast, flexible, risk-free enrollment with no required minimum spend or obligations. Buy what you need.
  • Upfront savings are priced in through pre-negotiated supplier contracts that let you start saving on day one.
  • BYOS (Bring Your Own Suppliers) and continue working with them and be billed against your Corcentric account.
  • Leave the relationship management to us with suppliers, and rest assured we’ll continuously negotiate better prices as buying power increases.
  • Full spend visibility means control with better insights and metrics of all organizational spend and detailed categorized reporting.
  • Get up and running – and saving – fast because you can be purchasing through the Corcentric Marketplace in a matter of days.
  • Reduce rogue spend while ensuring quality by empowering employees to buy what they need, when they need it from vetted suppliers at the best price to ensure spend compliance.

…For Suppliers

  • Increase market share by reaching a ready pool of buyers who may not be familiar with your organization before joining the marketplace.
  • Expand your contracting footprint through Corcentric’s strategic programs, including consulting, strategic sourcing, and supply chain financing solutions.
  • Situational awareness at all times through real-time analytics that give you immediate understanding what customers are buying, making it easier for you to plan.
  • Expert guidance from Corcentric’s strategic advisory team who help buyers/members achieve savings opportunities, increase contract participation, and positively impact market share.
  • Increased brand recognition, reinforced buyer trust, and other advantages of having your products and services represented in a premier marketplace with a 20+ year track record.
  • Flexible contracting strategies and programs drive enhanced member commitment in exchange for incremental value.

The Corcentric Indirect Spend GPO features a Roster of

Trusted Brands That’s Growing All the Time

AirgasAlpha B2BAMFSCintasEnterprise HoldingsGraingerHome DepotLaser ConnectionMSCNoramcoOffice DepotStaplesStart MeetingSterlingUniFirstWestern PlasticsWurth

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