Harnessing Software to Optimize Account Receivables

For finance executives intent on bolstering operational performance, scrutinizing account receivables through the lens of automation is especially pertinent. Implementing software capable of managing order to cash protocols delivers a comprehensive toolset which can be leveraged to maximize accounts receivable management efficiency.

Not only does order-to-cash software offer streamlined visibility over customer payment data, enhanced analytics and reporting capabilities, but it also automates the processing of orders and customer invoices and empowers personnel to respond expeditiously to customer queries, discrepancies and requests.

The amalgam of comprehensive features enabled by order-to-cash software enables finance executives to nurture and preserve customer relationships, with the aim of reclaiming lost revenue due to late payments. Utilizing purpose built software applies the operational knowledge of credit and collections experts, offering actionable insights and industry-vetted best practices, allowing finance professionals to act conservatively in a timely manner.

The granular detail facilitated by order-to-cash software is distilled into digestible summaries, enabling personnel to take proactive measures throughout the life cycle of an invoice. Unparalleled access to data enables finance teams to assess customer payment risk and incentivize early payments without having to take manual credit checks. Additionally, ordering, payment and shipping information are unified, highlighting inconsistencies and anomalies and facilitating issue resolution.

Through the automation of business processes, order-to-cash software delivers improved accuracy, faster response and processing times, translating into superior customer experience. Additionally, through the integration of the software within existing environments, personnel are able to receive notifications, or even define parameters to trigger automatic emails or other forms of alerts, and subsequently keep all parties informed.

The next step in optimizing account receivables via software is tapping into artificial intelligence and machine learning. These technologies are proven to bolster timeliness and accuracy, while cutting costs and simplifying compliance to international best practices or regional regulatory regimes. By harnessing sophisticated analyses and powerful algorithms which draw on years of experience and data, finance executives can manage aging accounts at scale for a fraction of the time and personnel.

For executives looking to enhance operational performance, piloting robust and comprehensive order-to-cash software manifests a practical and cost-effective solution. The iterative updating and improvement of the automation protocols is likely to yield tangible business results and deliver meaningful ROI.