Improving Working Capital Inventory With Order To Cash Software

Working Capital Inventory Management

Maintaining an adequate working capital is an essential part of ensuring the economic stability of business. It is also becoming increasingly difficult for companies to effectively manage their inventory, due to the complexity of modern inventory systems and the relative lack of integration between order to cash (OTC) software and the business existing inventory control system. As such, the use of OTC software has become increasingly popular in recent years, to help businessestreamline and simplify their inventory processes, as well as improve their working capital.

Organizational Overview

In order to better understand the ways in which OTC software can help organizations improve their working capital and manage their inventory, it is important to first provide an overview of the OTC system. In essence, OTC software is multi-tiered, integrated system that includes numerous components within its architecture. These components include Order Processing, Inventory Control, Shipping Receiving, Pricing Discounting, Credit Collections, and Accounts Payable Receivable. All of these components are seamlessly integrated with one another in order to provide an end-to-end solution for managing inventory, from the time an order is received until the customer makes payment.

Inventory Management

The most important part of OTC software for improving working capital is its ability to effectively manage inventory. OTC software can provide comprehensive inventory tracking system, allowing companies to keep track of the number of products currently in their inventory, their location, and the current prices of each item. This allows for more efficient inventory turnover rate, as well as providing companies with more accurate inventory cost information, allowing them to better determine pricing strategies and reduce their working capital requirements.

Furthermore, the OTC system can provide companies with forecasting capabilities, enabling them to anticipate customer demand and better plan their inventory needs, ensuring that they always have the appropriate amounts of stock on hand. This can help companies to better manage their working capital, by affording them the opportunity to invest more efficiently in their inventory, and avoid the costs associated with overstocking.

Order Processing

In addition to inventories, OTC software can also help to streamline order processing and ensure that orders are fulfilled in timely manner. OTC software can provide range of order processing functions, including order entry and tracking, order fulfillment and shipping, and invoice processing. This allows companies to reduce the time, resources and money required to process orders, allowing them to better manage their working capital and serve their customers more effectively.

Pricing Discounting

The OTC system can also be used to help companies effectively manage their pricing and discounting strategies. OTC software can track product costs and provide real-time pricing and discount information, allowing companies to better address customer pricing needs and ensure that they are maintaining their desired profit margins. This can help companies to better manage their inventory costs and improve their working capital, as well as more effectively compete in the marketplace.

Accounts Payable Receivable

Finally, the OTC system can also help companies to better manage their accounts payable and receivable processes. This is achieved by providing an integrated solution for invoicing and payments, which can streamline the accounts receivable process and allow for the efficient processing of payments. This can help companies to reduce their working capital requirements by ensuring that accounts are paid promptly and on time.


In conclusion, using an OTC Softwaresolution can be an invaluable tool for companies in managing their working capital and improving their inventory management. By providing an integrated solution for order processing, inventory control, pricing discounting, and accounts payable receivable, OTC software can allow companies to streamline their operations and ensure that they are efficiently utilizing their resources. This is essential for any business that is looking to remain competitive in the market and maintain healthy working capital.