Managed Accounts Receivable Solution

Let us help you simplify your receivables.

Eliminate complexity and let Corcentric help you simplify your receivables processes so you get paid on time, every time.

Customers have achieved


Faster payments


Decrease in disputes


Bad debt

Get paid faster

You determine when you receive payments. Just tell us when you want to be paid and Corcentric will pay you in full.

Eliminate risk

When your invoices are paid on time, that means no bad debt or credit risk for you. Plus, a non-recourse agreement ensures you’re not liable for late payments.

Stop worrying about cash flow

Unlock cash on your balance sheet to cover expenses and improve the liquidity of your organization.

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Managing a business doesn’t have to be so stressful.

Corcentric guarantees business results for you, from day one, with our Managed Accounts Receivable solution. When you entrust us to transform your AR process, you’ll get paid faster, so that you have certainty when it comes to cash flow.

Empower your team to focus on meeting growing business demands through our robust Managed AR solution. As an extension of your team, Corcentric provides the right mix of subject matter experts, financial services, and software to deliver guaranteed business outcomes and sustainable bottom-line performance. No matter what industry you serve, our solutions make it easier to minimize risks and maximize efficiency.

Cash Application

Why wait? Get paid on your terms — 5, 15, 30 days — and receive all payments due in a single payment from Corcentric. Our Managed AR solution lifts the burden of cash application from your team, managing payment information, remittance, invoice matching, deduction management, and reconciliation of your payment process.


Corcentric Managed AR takes the entire invoicing and billing burden off your team, automating AR and improving invoicing accuracy in the process. A self-service portal — branded with your company logo — connects you with customers for invoice review and approval, dispute management, and business insights. We handle validation, presentment, and distribution, reducing costs and DSO to improve your company’s cash flow.


With Corcentric Managed AR, you no longer have to worry about collecting delinquent accounts receivable. With over 20 years of experience, our proactive communication approach handles debt collection without damaging the potential for future business opportunities with customers.

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Dispute Management

Billing errors may be unavoidable, but disputes don’t have to be. The experienced team at Corcentric helps mitigate issues before they escalate. If a dispute occurs, our Managed AR team handles resolution, only involving your team when necessary.

  • Dispute prevention: Using your business rules and root cause analysis, we help prevent and mitigate any disputes, with proven online dispute and exception management technology
  • Self-Service dispute management: Online dispute management portal
  • Dispute resolution: Corcentric provides one point of contact to manage all disputes and resolutions

Credit Management

Corcentric Managed AR will take on your customer credit issuance processes — re-assess, conduct credit checks, and issue lines of credit — as well as your credit risk. Our solutions free your team to focus on business growth instead of credit management, while we transform your AR processes and improve your cash flow.

  • Gauge creditworthiness: Get accurate, relevant information on your customers
  • Consolidate credit data: Incorporate credit bureau reports from leading firms like Dunn & Bradstreet and other data provider information into your credit scoring
  • Issue customer credit lines while mitigating credit risk: 100% of receivables risk is eliminated and transferred to Corcentric through our Supply Chain Finance program


Instead of borrowing from a bank in order to have cash on hand when you need it, Corcentric’s receivables financing provides guaranteed on-time payments, giving you greater control over cash flow.

  • Invoices paid earlier than due date: Guaranteed payment on the day you want to be paid— whether it’s 15, 30, 40, or even 60 days earlier — while your buyers pay as usual
  • Payment receipt on time, every time: Corcentric eliminates credit risks and bad debt expenses with no more unpaid invoices

“With Corcentric, it’s been a partnership every step of the way.”

Robert McIlvaine,Chief Technology Officer,Aurora Parts

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