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About the Strategic Sourcing Book “Managing Indirect Spend: Enhancing Profitability Through Strategic Sourcing”

The idea for this strategic sourcing book was born after senior consulting partners at Corcentric Management Services were having a discussion about staff and client training and how a large gap exists in the availability of materials specific to sourcing indirect spend categories.

The Procurement Book, “Managing Indirect Spend”, offers a concise overview of the theory and best practices that should be used in implementing strategic sourcing programs within any business. Specifically, it offers something of value to newcomers and seasoned procurement and strategic sourcing professionals alike. It explains why traditional 7-step strategic sourcing practices, typically used in direct materials strategic sourcing, can be, and should be, adapted to indirect spend categories and indirect strategic sourcing.

Divided into four unique sections, the strategic sourcing book “Managing Indirect Spend” first covers theory and best practices that should be followed in order to develop a team and identify target spend categories. Next, the book discusses available tools, market intelligence and ways to gather information critical to finding savings in indirect spend categories. Part three focuses on the reality of strategic sourcing. In other words, not every project goes as planned. It describes common roadblocks and scenarios that may pop-up and derail your indirect strategic sourcing project and offers advice on how to handle each situation. Lastly, the book wraps up with category-specific sourcing projects and step-by-step guides into sourcing specific spend categories, such as office supplies and telecommunications.

Most strategic sourcing initiatives are started with one goal in mind: savings. This procurement book provides specific ways to reach your savings targets while also strengthening your supply chain and the relationships with your suppliers.

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