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The authors of the Strategic Sourcing Book Managing Indirect Spend are executives from Corcentric Management Services, a leading procurement services provider specializing in on-demand strategic sourcing, procurement transformation, cost reduction, custom benchmarking, and staffing. Since 1992, our team of industry and category experts have helped best-in-class companies reduce costs, optimize budgets, and achieve greater supply chain flexibility. We can be used in any capacity, from supplementing your existing team, to conducting process reviews, or as a completely outsourced sourcing department. Our team has the procurement solutions you need.

Learn more about the services offered by the Strategic Sourcing Book creators at Corcentric and its team of procurement and sourcing thought leaders.

Procurement Transformation Services

Trust the Strategic Sourcing Book team to evolve your people, processes, tools and technology to advance your organization’s procurement maturity and deliver more value.

Practical, Customized Procurement Training

Learn strategic sourcing and category management best practices and strategies directly from the Strategic Sourcing Book’s subject matter experts and industry veterans.

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