Maximizing Efficiency Through Eipp: An Introduction To Order To Cash Solutions

What Is Eipp

EIPP is an abbreviation for Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment. It is used to collect payments on invoices and receive payments quickly. This automation of the ?Order to Cash? cycle facilitates efficient and effective management of accounts receivable and related business processes.

An order to cash software takes care of business entire invoice lifecycle, from establishing business relationship to tracking sale, invoicing the buyer, and collection from the buyer. With an effective solution in place, business can do away with the considerable cost and manual labour involved in order processing and time spent chasing payments.

This article assesses the effectiveness of EIPP in the context of order to cash software. It examines the implications for business of using order to cash solutions and provides detailed overview of the features associated with EIPP.

Benefits of EIPP

EIPP is great way to significantly reduce the cost and effort involved in processing orders and invoicing customers. Automating this entire process has proven to be an effective way to increase revenue and improve customersatisfaction.

The key benefits of an order to cash EIPP system include:

1. Automated process: Automation of the order to cash process removes the need for manual data entry and physical delivery of documents. Automation also helps ensure accuracy in billing and compliance.

2. Quick payments: EIPP solutions allow customers to receive, view, and pay an invoice in one single process. Payments are usually made within 2-3 days of receipt. This reduces the time taken to process and collect payments and eliminates the need for manual data entry.

3. Reduced costs: Automation of the order to cash cycle cuts down on administrative costs associated with manual data entry, physical delivery of documents, and chasing payments. It also eliminates bank transfer fees and improves cash flow.

4. Improved customersatisfaction: With automated processes and quick payments, business are able to provide better customer experience and improved customer loyalty.

Features of EIPP

EIPP systems allow business to create, track, and manage payment transactions electronically. They have range of features to streamline the order to cash process. These include:

1. Invoice Presentment Payment (IPP): IPP allows customers to receive and view invoices electronically. Customers are also able to pay invoices through the system. This eliminates the need to manually send physical documents or manually enter payment details.

2. Automated Clearing House (ACH): ACH is an electronic payment system where customers can transfer money from their bank account to business account at the click of button. This reduces payment processing time and fees associated with manual payments or bank transfers.

3. Automated payments: With EIPP, customers are able to automate their payments so that invoices are paid automatically when due. This eliminates the need for manual payment follow-up, reduces the late payment risk, and improves cash flow.

4. Payment reconciliations: EIPP solutions enable business to reconcile payments quickly and accurately. This makes it easy to track payments and ensure that invoices are being paid on time.


EIPP is an efficient and effective way to automate the order to cash cycle. business can benefit from quick payments and reduced administrative costs by taking advantage of its various features. Ultimately, the key benefit for business is improved customerservice, improved cash flow, and an increase in overall efficiency.